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Probably this topic is history but if you have similar issues in the future, you can have a look at SquidGuard - I know it is Linux and it is both not ok to speak about it on a CISCO forum and it requires some strong knowledge but if you combine this with your CISCO PIX cappability to allow egress www connections only from the squid machine - you may achieve a strong web filtering. Such web filtering engines can provide much more robust filtering based on classes of sites. How do you separate the teachers from students?.

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In parallel, the in-training AlphaZero was periodically matched against its benchmark Stockfish, elmo, or AlphaGo Zero in brief one-second-per-move games to determine how well the training was progressing. It is singularly impressive, and what is astonishing is how it is able to also find tactics that the engines seem blind to. Oh, and it took AlphaZero only four hours to "learn" chess..